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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the semen fresh or frozen? The semen is fresh cooled.

  2. How do I let you know I’m ready for a shipment? At the bottom of the stallions page, you will find a semen request form. We ship with Fed Ex, so need the form by no later than 10am the day before you plan to breed.

  3. What are my shipping container options? We generally ship in a disposable container with cool packs or it can also be shipped in an Equitainer at the request of the breeder.

  4. When do we ship? Shipping is available Monday through Friday with Saturday delivery options in most areas. Sunday and Monday are the down days for delivery as Fed Ex does not ship on the weekends.

  5. Have you had issues with shipping? We use FedEx as they have been the most reliable source for us. With 9 stallions on the property, and even through Covid in the 2020 breeding season, Fed Ex was great and out of hundreds of shipments, we only had a few late arrivals.

  6. Do you ship to the US? Yes, we ship North America wide.

  7. What is the general cost for shipping? If you send along your address, we will gladly send you a quote.

  8. Do you send 1 or 2 doses per shipment? We do our best to send 2 doses per mare, per shipment. On days where demand is higher, we may only be able to send 1. We do have a high standard for the quality we send, so 1 dose is plenty of inseminated at optimal timing. The second dose is considered a spare dose.

  9. When do I pay for shipping? Payment is due prior to the semen being shipped. Unfortunately we have had too many instances where payment for shipping was not sent, so will no longer allow semen to be sent if payment for shipping isn’t arranged.

  10. How often do you collect? We have collecting ability Monday through Friday.

  11. Is the stallion negative for EVA and WFFS? Both our breeding stallions are negative for both EVA and WFFS.

  12. What are the percentages of my mare producing a dilute colour with Creme de la Creme? We have his genetic markers for colour and a great chart below that can give you and idea. If the mare is also tested, this will be the most accurate result. In the 2020 season based on all mares that produced foals, he had a well above average dilute ratio of 73.3%. And his colour markers are as follows:

              - Red factor - E/e

              - Agouti - A/A

              - Cream - N/Cr

              - Dun - nd1/nd2

              - Dominant white - N/W20


12b. What does the dominant white factor mean? For Creme de la Creme, he carries the dominant white factor which means he has a double gene for producing white or chrome markings. This is quite prominent in his offspring so far.

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